In Nigeria, 99% of the time, nothing seemed to be done right. Nothing is done right. The leaders are just for themselves, the word philanthropy meant nothing to them. The sad plight of the citizens had never been a subject to be tabled for honest purposes of obliterating those problems, rather it is a subject tabled solely to bilk the coffers of government silly, leaving the masses pauperized and with no choice but to sadly glorify the thieves that stole from them. This is how bad it is in Nigeria. There are only two classes in the society; the custodians of the wealth and owners of the wealth; the very rich and the very poor; thieves and glorifiers of thieves. The thief is a hero. The bereft is a disease loathed by both classes of the society and the only cure to that disease is generally believed to be getting rich quick. The mind set of the typical Nigerian has it that the quickest way to be rich is to become a pen robber, steal from the government at the detriment of the real owners of the wealth.

The owners wallow in abject poverty, murk so deep and filthy that all sorts of societal afflictions are born therefrom. Illiteracy is one of those and leads straight to conflicts and perpetual unrest. Nigeria, today, is “terrorized”. Thanks to our leaders.

Sometimes, somethings just pop up in your head and you feel you want to write them down. So you create something  like a blog and blabber.

  1. abdulkarim says:

    Yea! Nice 1 muktar, post alot!

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